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DIY Wedding photos

Like some of you know, me and my girlfriend (now wife), got married in November last year. With only 2 guests and a few officials, it was a tiny wedding at Slovak Embassy in Oslo. Since weather in Norway is in November quite cold, windy, rainy and very often snowy, we wanted to wait for spring or summer to take some wedding photos. We didn't need a photographer to take photos of us, but we tried to self-take all of them. I took it as a challenge and practice for me. As the spring came, the weather was getting better, but corona was getting worse. So we needed to wait till May to even leave our municipality. We decided to take photos through the whole spring and summer on every trip we went to. Not a lot, just a few photos on every trip. Once we forget to pack fancy shoes, other time socks, or west coast's wind ruined our hairdos. Despite all the struggles with camera, tripod, remote control's range, our not photogenic faces we managed to take few nice ones. So, here they are.

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