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Wooden miracles

When we were leaving Norwegian farm last year they had two cabins for bed and breakfast under construction. Since I am photographer they suggested to come and take some photos after cabins will be ready. Trip associated with work sounded like a good idea. After two months I was back to Paulsrud Gård.

When we came weather was not as we imagined – just a few centimeters of snow – not good for idyllic exterior photos of cabins. So we decided to star with an interior of the biggest cabin – Gammelstua built in 1880. I tried to catch the reality of it but it had to be still appealing enough to attract potential customers.

For most of the photos, I used wide angle lens Tamron 15-30/2,8 Di VC USD which was my new tool at the moment. With Nikon D750 and Manfrotto tripod it was the perfect combination for this assignment.

The most important thing in the interior photography is to find the best composition, angle, and arrangement of details. I tried to take five frames of every shot (bracketing) to blend them together and have balanced exposition in the final image.

The next day was planned for exterior shooting and wheater suddenly changed (like it knew we want a lot of snow). During the night fell 34 centimeters of snow. At night the contrast of warm colors (yellow light) and cold colors (blue snow) created a magical atmosphere.

It took me (with assistance) 4 days to photograph three cabins (every room and exterior) plus little extra details.

The cabins are the combination of rustic style, wood, and good hidden modern elements. It is typical for Norway and it was easy for me to take these photos because it is different (old-new) style of living than in today´s modern world.

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